Thank you to all that came out to our first Bee school. Hope you all learned and had a fun day. We have already had people request another class so we are planning to run it again soon.
Bedford Beekeepers
First Field Day 2013
Sept 21st
The Bedford Beekeepers Association is a loosely organized group of local beekeepers interested in sharing the joy of apiculture with each other and with our local communities. We are dedicated to the development of both new and experienced beekeepers who share a common desire to raise healthy honeybees, and believe that gathering regularly to exchange information and ideas benefits us all by increasing the population of healthy honeybees and knowledgeable beekeepers in the area.
Meetings held every third Tuesday of the month.
Meetings held at  Central Church of Christ Education building it is located 1401 12th St. In Bedford . Everyone welcome to come and learn and share Ideas
on Bees.

Upcoming meetings:
May 20 Meeting at Central Church Of Christ

Click here to visit the Bee Intensive Field Day web page.

Invite a friend to join us. They may want to start working with and enjoy keeping bees.

Bedfordbeekeeper Member Works for Two well Known Beekeepers
One of Bedford Beekeepers members had a chance to work for Michael Palmer this Past two summers in Vermont, Now off to Hawaii for Big Island Queens/Olivarez to work for them. For a read on this click on this link. and read about Stewart Ratliff, one of last years IBA award winners.
Map to Curt's Shop

On Saturday September 21st we had a field  day at Curt’s shop. We had lots of participation and everyone had a great time, a great amount of food was prepared.We went out to Curt's hive after lunch and worked and feed the hives and observed and studied and decided what each needed to make it for winter. We then returned to shop and used some time to plan for the upcoming year and to reflect on our first year as a club. We looked at what we had done positive and what we had done poor and what we want to do to improve to help everone. We dicussed topics for the new year and planed some of want we want to try to do to help each other and others. After the meeting we were treated to some great music by the Eldridge family.  

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