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Bedford Beekeepers
First Field Day 2013
Sept 21st
The Bedford Beekeepers Association is a loosely organized group of local beekeepers interested in sharing the joy of apiculture with each other and with our local communities. We are dedicated to the development of both new and experienced beekeepers who share a common desire to raise healthy honeybees, and believe that gathering regularly to exchange information and ideas benefits us all by increasing the population of healthy honeybees and knowledgeable beekeepers in the area.
Meetings held every third Tuesday of the month 7 P.M.
Meetings held at  Central Church of Christ Education building, it is located 1401 12th St. In Bedford . Everyone welcome to come and learn and share Ideas
on Bees.

Upcoming meetings: February 17th meeting will be at the Central Church of Christ Education Building. Located at 1401 12th st. in Bedford.  7 P.M. Topic will be getting ready to install your package and getting ready for spring.

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